Ampha Z32 for Impedance Flow Cytometry

Amphasys' new-generation flow cytometer is a plug & play device designed to blend simplicity with flexibility. The absence of optical components reduces set-up times and maintenance to a minimum. There are no time-consuming sample preparation procedures and expensive fluorescent dyes. Latest generation digital signal processing electronics are specifically tailored to Amphasys' semi-disposable chips, such that best-of-class impedance analysis on single cells is achieved.

The small dimensions of Ampha Z32 and the robustness of the electrical measurement provide a portable solution for any kind of cell analysis, be it in your laboratory or in the field. Designed initially for research purposes, Ampha Z32 is now particularly suitable for routine applications, where detailed, high-quality cell analyses and ease-of-use are major requirements.

For further details please refer to our brochure in PDF.


The heart of the cytometer consists of a microfluidic chip equipped with microelectrodes. This high-sensitivity sensor measures changes of the electrical resistance of the fluidic medium when cells or other particles pass through the applied AC electric field.

To ensure highest possible sensitivity Amphasys has developed a number of chips with different channel dimensions ranging from 15 to 250 μm. The new 250 μm chip marks a milestone in chip design and is a breakthrough for the application to large pollen. The whole range from very small cells like bacteria to very large cells such as certain pollen grains like pumpkin, corn or cotton can now be analyzed. Chips can be used for up to several hundred measurements when treated with care. For safe storage we recommend our new chip storage box. In addition, there is a cleaning chip for disinfection of the fluidic system with ethanol.

Reagents and Disposables

Amphasys provides specialized reagents and consumables for many kinds of cells and applications as well as cleaning solutions for the care of the fluidic system.

The electric signal recorded by the highly sensitive electrodes is influenced by the cell itself and by the surrounding liquid. The contents of the buffers may have an effect to the biochemical behavior of the cells as well as the conductivity of the liquid and therefore on the signal. For these reasons, the conditions of the buffers including solvents, additives, salts, pH etc. have been optimized to keep cells viable and to obtain highest measurement sensitivity at the same time. See our product list and buffer recommendations for more details.

Mobility Package

Ampha Z32 is designed to bridge the gap between the lab and the field. Its weight of about 8 kg and dimensions of 25 x 27 x 35 cm make it perfectly suited as a table-top lab instrument as well as a mobile field instrument.

For safe transport and use in the field we provide a mobility package including a heavy duty transport casing of professional make with sturdy birch tree panels, foam paddings, metal reinforcements and handles as well as rechargeable batteries and a 12 V car adapter.

A very successful example of an in-field application is the systematic pollen viability analysis of wheat by Bayer CropScience


With the new autosampler it is possible to automatically analyze up to 192 samples based on standard microtiter plates with variable sample volumes. All the steps from preparation and loading of the samples to the measuring procedure, data recording, automated data analysis and subsequent cleaning of the microfluidic system are done automatically. The Amphasys autosampler helps you save time and costs.

Independent of the autosampler functionality, the Ampha Z32 system can be used in combination with a barcode scanner which further increases quality and speed of your analysis work.

For further details please refer to our brochure in PDF.

Support & Maintenance

Our products are completed with support and maintenance services ranging from online support over expert training, customer specific execution of complex experiments and data analysis to all-around carefree support and maintenance plans including on-site service, materials and extended warranty.